Endurance Auto Warranty

4.40 out of 5

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30 day(s)

Avg. Plan Length

2 to 5 years

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Northbrook, IL

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About Endurance Auto Warranty

Endurance Warranty Services, LLC, is one of the biggest direct providers of car warranties in the United States, offering seamless customer support from quote to claim, saving consumers up to 50% in contract costs. Founded in 2006, the company is based in Northbrook, Illinois and has more than 300,000 in-network mechanics located across the United States.

Review Composite Score

4.40/5    Very Good

Based on 89 Reviews

4.42 Customer Service
4.39 Repair Time
4.38 Quality
4.40 Overall Rating
Robert g.


Took my car to Chrysler. They told me they don't take

Robert g.


Took my car to Chrysler. They told me they don't take

Princeton M.


worst warranty ever, my car didn't qualify after the 30 days, they want a big down payment but don't want to cover service for your car very shady company

David L.


I was getting a few quotes from a few different company's and Endurance warranty hooked me up with a zero-dollar deductible.so i got it set up on that call. Thanks for the great package !

Julio D.


Endurance was great. My purchase was simple and quick and i got my email confirmation right away

Jonathan P.


I was looking for the best deals out there and Endurance had the best one

Rick V.


My husband was the one who found out about endurance and I recently had a issue . I took it to my repair shop and the process took a little bit of time, but it was not too bad.

Ben G.


Very easy company to deal with, courteous, responsive and no surprises. Highly recommend.

Jason S.


I really see the value in the warranty that is offered thru Endurance . We Had a transmission issue shortly followed by a AC problem .They did what they said they would .Thank you

Michael R.


We went with Endurance they responded quickly and had the right answers to my questions and now we have extended warranty for the next few years!

Jacob H.


Highly recommended from my mechanic . Great coverage

Marty J.


I just purchased this warranty on 08/28/2020. I was fraudulently led to believe that the policy carrier is Endurance Warranty Services, LLC, out of Northbrook, Il. After 8 phone calls and an average wait time of 45 minutes for each call, I have yet to be able to reach a manager of which I requested each time, I even tried to reach EWS claims department but again I waited 22 minutes for a recorded message which also put me on another hold time of 47 minutes ... I then hung up because apparently these bastards don't give a flying shit about customer service !!!! I only want a REFUND of my payment !!! ANYONE reading this should check out the "Consumer Affairs" or the "BBB" sites regarding these companies.

Fred U.


Endurance is very good

Kevin G.


Great warranty very happy we took it out when we bought our car

Howard E.


I bought a warranty from this company put my car in the shop they refuse To pay for the repairs said it was because it Has a rebuilt title mentioned that when I bought the plan they took my money but refused to pay for repairs the car had been fixed right nice Cadillac CTS4 I didn’t have a problem taking my money but I got a problem paying for the

Sara N.


As a 20 year veteran of the Automotive Industry and having submitted in excess of 1000 extended warranty claims- Endurance takes the prize for the worst warranty company in the country. They have refused to pay for the replacement of a part that is clearly listed as a covered item. The claims adjuster out right lied to me about what was discussed. I escalated the claim to a supervisor and demanded they listen to our recorded conversations to prove that the claims representative was not being truthful. After reviewing the calls- the supervisor re-opened the claim and stated if I provided them with the copy of a specific maintenance receipt via email, they would authorize the claim. I immediately provided them with the requested information. I never received a call back- I called them back and after waiting on hold another 56 min to speak with a representative- I was told the claim was denied and there was no record of my call with the supervisor who supposedly re-opened the claim. If you currently have a contract with Endurance- you need to cancel it immediately. They will NEVER cover anything. Ever. Contact your trusted Automotive Service provider and they should be able to recommend a reputable warranty company. Endurance Warranty is a scam. Please search the Better Business Bureau for additional reviews

Dan K.


A warranty company that does what it says

Joy K.


Great service and no long wait on the phone.

Carol S.


Everything went great they took care of me .All i had to pay was my $100.00 deductible

Jessica M.


The agent was knowledgeable and accurate. Very pleasant and informative when going over the different options .

Angel R.


Great company highly recommended

Eddie T.


Extremely fast turn around time

Rosa Q.


we had set up a plan plan on a Toyota rav 4 we just purchased from the dealer .I found that Endurance warranty was the most reputable and affordable company .

Lee G.


If 0 was an option for rating, that’s what I would give them. They have not honored a claim that I have tried to Claim.

Nancy R.


When my ac had a issue i was able to take it to my Chevolet dealer . its what i prefer .

Roger M.


My dealership accepted and worked with endurance . pretty awesome service

Dan O.


Air conditioning had a issue and endurance was able to help!

Sam O.


I am very pleased with Endurance services .I will renew with them if i do not trade it in .The reps are always friendly

Liz H.


I was not sure how to get a claim started .I called and everything was explained to me.

Jason T.


My agent was very helpful and and easy to talk with . He seemed to know all about the warranty and service contract. I would recommend Endurance

Patricia S.


This company is a joke. The customer service, when you can reach a human, is ok. Everything else is horrible. Countless times I was put on eternal hold. My car was in the shop 2 weeks because I could never talk to the right person. I ending up having to pay 2 thousand myself to get my car. I've called complaining to always be put on hold. My mechanic tried for over 2 hours on hold. Save your money and time don't use this company

Rob T.


Happy with endurance warranty . We recently had a claim and they were a great help

Lee K.


Very happy with endurance warranty

Barbars F.


Great company with great service and competitively priced.

Wanda E.


They were very clear on going over what is not covered on the plan .

Blake G.


Just purchased with endurance the customer service rep Was informed and was really helpful..Hope i never need to use it .

Rob E.


It felt a little bit confusing at going over the numbers and monthly payments for different plans and years but it all worked out in the end .

Kelly W.


They have a good product and a great overall rating. I just love having people talk respectfully to me .

Jesse E.


very professional. i got my emails quickly after sighing up

Kim T.


I am so happy with my decision enrolling with endurance warranty .

Jack H.


Endurance was a great help . I am thankfull

Jeff O.


I just purchased my policy with endurance i was treated very professionally the rep was upfront and honest.

Jessica A.


The guy that answered the phone was very polite and professional. He answered my question I was very pleased with the service i am getting .

Art E.


I got the plan with endurance .Shortly after my Lexus had some issue .they were able to assist . thank you

Mary G.


iT Took 4 days for part to arrive at my shop . i just waited and car. Is done now .

Steve M.


I purchased this for a high mileage truck when my other warranty expired. They have refused to cover ANY repairs, claiming that they're do to "normal wear". I would avoid.

Robert L.


It was very good

Ray G.


Endurance's rep helped me out when my car broke down and did not know what to do . thanks for the help

Gilberto L.


They will do what ever they can to not pay

Trina H.


This investment has paid off.

Cedric G.


This company is a scam no dealership won’t honor this bull**** don’t use this

Larry F.


I saw a television commercial extended warranty got them and it worked out great they are fairly comprehensive.

Keith C.


It took some time before I purchased endurance warranty but I'm satisfied with it.

Eric G.


never buy a warranty from the dealership . i payed 1/2 the price by going with Endurance .

Bruce ..


Although my initial claim was denied, Endurance was courteous enough to give me a $500 discount and a $500 voucher for future services. I'm looking forward to working with them in the future if anymore problems arise. The staff was friendly and eager to help.

Sam R.


Great company .... i had the plan for over 3 years and it really was a good investment that helped upkeep my Porsche .

Chen L.


Very good service i recommend endurance

Will H.


i got the warranty set up on my Chevy so far so good . got my emails ok .hopefully i do not have to use it but just in case i am covered

Mary S.


Great customer service.

Phil B.


Saw Endurance's commercial on tv so i figured I should give them a call, and was able to set up an affordable Monthly payment plan for my Dodge Ram 1500.

David S.


I bought a used car before and I got screwed over. The motor blew up in it and I didn’t want it to happen again. I wanted to feel more protected, so I decided to purchase a warranty. Endurance was the best rated one online and I found nothing but good things about them, so I went with them.

Dara A.


Chelsea was great! Friendly and quick service.

Darryl S.


Very helpful and willing to accommodate during these trying times, thank you!

Shalondria W.


Tabitha was awesome. She handled my payment and made sure I got to Jason to finish making future payment arrangements. I am really satisfied with the service I received from both Tabitha and Jason.

Tal B.


Alvin provided excellent customer service support!

Gloria S.


want to be protected in case my car breaks down. The Endurance rep did 100% on explaining to me. Payments are very easy. I'm doing it online.

Gregory D.


To whom it may concern, ....Endurance was Very polite and helpful. I would refer Endurance to family members and friends. God bless.

Jason L.


Customers care dept is very helpful and knowledgeable

Jimmie H.


It was very to the point , your personel was very well knowledgeable about the information that was needed, she was very polite, and understanding.Thanks.

Leon ..


The Endurance sales rep was courteous. I like its price however I haven’t received the policy in the mail.

Brenda S.


We got the warranty with Endurance because of the dealer. That’s what we had when we bought the car. A young man helped me with the warranty and he was good. He was really a lot of help.

Johnel V.


Jeff is wonderful. He's patience and understanding and he work with you. That makes me feel very comfortable.

Shantae ..


Thoroughly explained the care package, very friendly and knowledgeable. Great price and coverage.

R D.


I had two claims so far and both times no hassle to get my car fixed. The dealership called Endurance and they took everything! I did have to make any phone calls!

Anthony M.


Great company

Timmy S.


great help thanks Steve

Nina M.


Excellent Company, No problems ,No complaints... Customer Service is Outstanding Thank you

Mohammad A.


Excellent Customer Service, and affordable Monthly payment plans.

Tamara R.


Gordon was the best he help out so much. Very friendly and a great help.

Danny T.


When I haD a legitimate claim, Endurance Warranty steped up to the plate and work it out. Thank you

Amit P.


It really felt like a quick easy process to sigh up I immediately received email confirmation . Great experience

Robert B.


I got the extended auto warrant set up on my Ford F-150. I was very pleased with the way they took care of everything when I had to bring in my truck to the shop for a engine light that came on. they also got me a lower deductible when I set up the warranty (thanks to a veterans Promotion ). After thinking about it I believe it already paid for itself and I have 3 more years to go.With that being said I set up another 2 plans for my other vehicles. Thanks and keep up the good work....

Hal N.


Endurance really did stepped up and helped me when my wheel baring when out .smooth claims process and friendly customer service people

Willie J.


Michael was super helpful in getting my claim quickly approved. My AC was blowing hot air on the coldest setting starting 10/10 and I was approved and repaired by 10/12! Great service and amazing customer service.

Taylor C.


Had the warranty for a short time, but has been very helpful so far, would recommend.

Joseph O.


I really appreciate this service and all the work this company did for my car .my claim is paid so i can be on my way.

John D.


Great assistance in time of need We had 2 cars that broke down at the same time. Thank goodness we had Endurance covering our 2006 Toyota 4 Runner! The Transmission went out on it. We called Endurance and they told us to take it to the nearest Toyota Dealership to have them look at it. We did and gave them our Endurance policy # and they ordered the parts and within a week we had our SUV fixed and all we had to do is pay the $100 deductible! Thanks Endurance!

Anthony ..


My wife and I were looking into purchasing an auto warranty for our car. Generally we had a lot of questions for every company. When we got on the line with Concord they were different than others. They did not rush us, they were polite and knowledgeable. We did not feel like he was pushing us into it and really explained everything. We highly recommend them due to their A+ customer service and willingness to be patient. I believe we spoke with Ralph. He helped us through it all. Thank you!

Mary F.


This company's customer service was great. Highly satisfied. Would defiantly recommend to anyone with a older vehicle

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