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About CarShield

CarShield offers low, monthly payment plans to fit every wallet and every vehicle. Whether you've purchased a brand-new car or you’re looking for additional coverage on an older car, we have comprehensive comparisons to find the right package for you. CarShield offers coverage on pricey items like transmissions and even smaller, routine repairs such as alternators and power window motors. 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, and rental coverage are just a few of the features offered in our customizable plans.

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3.99 Overall Rating
Laura m.


Excellent. Great service!

Tee M.


I wish I could give negative stars. I bought this warranty for my teenage son's '06 Miata he bought. The first thing they denied was the cannister purge valve. Then he had complete engine failure even though he had an oil change a month ago, the engine had no oil and no leaks. They denied the engine replacement. Waste of money and more importantly, a complete loss of faith in CarShield. We are doing an appeal though so stay tuned....

Gerald N.


The rep was great he explained everything to me clearly and thoroughly I feel like a got a good deal with a good company .

Jerel M.


Do not waste your money or time with car sheild they will take your money and cancel your policy with out fixing your vehicle. It took over two months of having my truck in the shop having my transmission worked on, it was all torn apart and they finally had an adjuster come out to inspect the trans and he canceled my policy because I had aftermarket parts on my truck. I had no idea this would cancel my policy. Now I'm stuck with the bill to repair my truck. Why didn't they tell me this up front. I would have not waisted my time or money with them.

Marcus G.


I got a phone call and a price a long time ago after my car warranty ended . i called back a few mounts later and still got the same price .even tho i had more miles

Tim A.


I needed a new battery but carshield did not cover it.

Bobby O.


I've been with Carshield for about three years and recently my transmission had to be replaced. It was great speaking to their customer service and I had no issues getting my claim taken care of.

Bob W.


The rep offered a excellent quote and payment plan that just made sense to us .

Rich N.


Most affable company that offered monthly payment plans on my truck that had over 150000 miles on it

Terry V.


The experience I had with Carshield was fantastic.

Ivor C.


Waited a full 3 weeks before I could get the A/C Condenser and ancillary parts replaced! Spent a total of 11 hours on the phone, repairers also spent about 4 hours to get someone to speak to. At one stage, American Car Shield sent out an inspector to check that what I was claiming for was legitimate! Even then, had to escalate to a supervisor before some action was taken, because for some strange reason, the record of the inspection could not be found! Just found that, in the heat of summer, being without A/C for 3 weeks was just ridiculous!! Needless to say, even though the repair was finally done - I am NOT happy with American Car Shield or their Customer NO Service.

Randy O.


Having Carshield warranty is a bank saver!!

Lisa U.


My experience was very good my car was repaired d in a 3 day period

Vivian D.


I have a 2003 CRV Honda milage 105,100miles

Adam C.


Buyer beware: After purchasing the platinum contract, I called around and found that many dealers refuse to work with CarShield directly due to low-balling claims representatives who prefer to use used or remanufactured parts (which the contract allows). Bottom line: Great sales pitch, but don’t expect the easy claims process and freedom of mechanic choice promised by the sales reps. CarShield reserves the right to disapprove service, move your vehicle to multiple low-cost repair shops, and use remanufactured, used, or aftermarket “or equal” parts.

Lisa E.


very simple to understand warranty

Tonekia T.


Horrible Service, I stayed at dealership all day for them to contact us, just to tell me they didn't cover my air conditioner part. Paid over $600 out of pocket for my repairs.

Jason H.


This is the easiest warranty company to work with..Will defiantly recommend to my family and co workers !

Lisa D.


Great experience so far !

Latisha H.


I am happy with CarShield. I talked to my garage that would accept this warranty.

Lisa D.


I first saw Carshield on tv and figured that i had hi miles and they could not really cover it .I still gave them a call and i was able to get a 3 year powertrain warranty. I am pretty satisfied with the monthly price also .

Mark B.


My car has been in the shop for EIGHT days and CarShield refuses to return my or my repair facility's phone calls or respond to the online claim I filed or the follow-u service ticket I filed. The contract says if I initiate car repairs before their approval then the contract may not pay for them. How many more weeks do I have to wait? ---> RIP-OFF <---

Terry S.


They say they cover a lot my repair shop did not agree

Pattie S.


My dealership has a very expensive labor rate compared to other repair shops $250 per hour and carshield paid for that with out a issue

Jack W.


Very short hold time .Quick service when they are needed

Lisa V.


Had Carshield for 2 years and anytime i need the they are at my service .keep up the good work

Howard W.


purchased this product in 2019 thirty days later had engine troubles and your company would only cover 400 dollars of a ten thousand dollars repair and still haven't covered the rental fees!!!!!! Ripoff

Teri V.


It took no more than one hour to get payment confirmation. very easy car warranty to use

Dianna P.


When I purchase the service contract they said they would cover pretty much anything and everything regardless of what it throughout him and they ended up covering nothing and are not willing to budge on any of the above so would not recommend might wanna think about this

Jock W.


Does not cover major dealerships

Ralph L.


We had a grate price and the rep that helped us was very kind and clear on what the warranty would cover

Dianna P.


They tell you all things all kinds of things are covered but whenever you take it to the shop and actually go to get it covered they don't cover hardly anything they don't cover simple transmission things they don't cover gaskets they don't cover the just many different things use your cut use caution when you go

Michelle S.


Tried twice to get warranty work done on my car and was denied twice. I later found out that the AC compressor was covered. The rear differential is going out on my car took it to mechanic & once again got denied even though this is specifically listed in my plan info. We could not afford to get the repair done BUT we had a $300 labor charge. Thank goodness we have been using the same shop for years and he only charged us half. These 3rd party warranty companies don't take the labor charges in to consideration, at the very least they should pay all but the deductable amount. So what I thought was a good deal when Car Shield cold called me just cost me an additional $150. All of these companies are rip offs and I recommend that no one spend their money on them.

Randy W.


I got the best price from carshield right off the bat . No games

Tom C.


Paid 2 or 3 grand for warranty that was 100,000 miles and I only drove a little over 10,000 miles when getting loud sound in engine with lost of power. Took it to garage and was asked to provide receipts for oil changes past 3 years which I did. Garage said the engine needed replaced. Warranty company demanded I paid garage $1000 to take engine out and open it for review. After paying and doing this, warranty company said that due to my high mileage it was considered normal wear and tear and refused to pay anything. Seems strange to pay for a 100,000 mile warranty when anytime they can just claim normal tear and tear and refuse to pay. Not only did I lose out on warranty cost, but and additional $1000 to have engine opened up and storage of vehicle leading to complete lost of vehicle! What a rip off...

William A.


extremely nice and very informative.

John L.


If you want genuine comfort with your warranty coverage Car Shield is the very best! Service and personnel are 5 star indeed.

Andy Q.


Thank you for all the help during signing up

Larry D.


Amazing service at affordable price. I would definitely recommend Carshield to my family.

Lisa K.


Fast and reliable company ! I recommend Carshield

Thonda M.


Forest C.


Ray C.


I got the best price for the best level package with Carshield .between the top 3 company.

Mike T.


I started a warranty plan with CarShield . It was great that I didn't have to wait to speak to someone. The rep. answered did not transfer me and was very nice .

Mark E.


My Chevy had a A/C Condenser go out it took a little back and forth between the shop and carshield but i got it fully covered thru my car warranty

Cindy E.


I am definitely a happy customer.

Theresa Y.


Carshield would cover me all the way up to 200,000.

Scott J.


My plan just started for a Nissan we purchased let’s see how things g...,I would definitely recommend this company.

Deborah J.



Richard F.


Leon A.


I had is a 2019 truck so I looked to get an extended auto warranty. I called carshield and I liked what I was told. Everything was very easy.

Dave S.


bumper-to-bumper is what i got bumper-to-bumper

Christina ..


I seen the commercial on tv and it sounded like a winner on top of the fact that my extended warranty had just expired. I called and spoke to Alec, he was very helpful and patient with me. He answered every question without hesitation. He went over what was covered and what was not. I have not used my policy as of yet, so I can't say whether the claims area is just as easy as the call was. I will review at that time. I do like the fact that I have 60 days for a full refund if I do not like my purchase as long as I don't use it. :)

Levi W.


I called to get a quote and the salesman insults me twice and I was sold on it before I called.

Frank O.


i like that i can pay as i go .very competitive pricing

Fred H.


Friendly and supportive sales team i asked a lot of questions and did my research... thank you

Gail O.


they gave me the lowest monthly payment so i went with carshield

Robert S.


I purchased an extended warranty with Carshield in 2016. My truck ... ended up needing some work done … The mechanic called for verification and had no issues at all, not once but twice. Each time was followed through with excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend for anyone.

Ronald B.


Excellent customer service every time i call. Would highly recommend!

Joseph M.


Great product, excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

Terence ..


Totally satisfied with the customer service experience and monthly payment that works for my budget.

Michael E.


Great service

Hector R.


Pleased with the service.

Will C.


Carshield was surprisingly very affordable and very reasonable my representative Josh Herron was very friendly and accommodating. I actually expected to pay more than what I paid and I feel very safe and secure. You are not locked into a contract so whenever you want to leave you can if you want but I would not do that.

Boris D.


My experience so far has been great!

Chris G.


carShield was helpful and patient in explaining everything. I hope the claims area is as helpful should I ever need it.

Arkeda ..


I Had a very good experience I will recommend them to anyone!!!!

Doug S.


Excellent company to work with. Would use again

Carrie J.


I haven't had the opportunity to use Car Shield for any repairs but whenever I called to ask a question or make changes on my account the representative has always been pleasant and helpful. I am excited about having Car Shield because I truly believe if the time comes that I will need any repairs to my car, they will be me be there for me.

Harold W.


Worked with me in making adjustments for my payment.

Ahmed A.


Very helpful explaining details and getting me signed up, got a great deal for my budget, and extremely glad I called! Feel confident that my car is covered...thanks CarShield!!!

Mike D.


To have reliable back up, after the warranty has ran out, means SO MUCH to me. Thanks.!!

Andrea Mitchell M.


Jordan Goldstein was great!!! Excellent Customer Service!!!! It was a total pleasure Thank you again, Jordan!!!!

Dave E.


I have never received the letter that i was told i would received from CarShield after i purchased a plan.

Javier T.


Very polite and professional, thanks!

Paulette L.


They were very professional and curtious. Answered all my questions.

Reginald T.


Carshield has been a phenomenal company to work with. They have been consistent and extremely helpful.

Joe and Sarah C.


So far so good i have not had to use them on either of my vehicles that i have a plan on we will see if or when I do need them how they really preform

Larry G.


The agent was excellent, kind, helpful, experienced!

Ron T.


This service protected my car and they covered my breakdowns as we agreed .

Elizabeth O.


Car shield is GREAT . The customer service is top notch and for the price you get more than what the other company was offering.

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