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Jul 10

"thanks "

Steve West.
Jul 10

"I have the premium plan for 2 years now .I am so happy with concord . awesome company "

Fred P.
Jul 10

"We got a warranty plan set up on a volvo xc .Concord has helped us we multiple repairs over the last year..."

Eddie E.
Jul 10

"My customer brought in a mercedes-Benz e350 for a Bad Ac condenser .Concord was very easy to work with .v..."

Nelson T.
Jul 10

"Great Customer service any time I call."

Francis N.
Jul 10

"Great experience. The Mechanic was very professional, helpful and efficient. Thanks Concord!"

George P.
Jul 10

"Robert was most courteous and pleasant. He was knowledgeable about services. I can't say any more until..."

Alynn G.
Jul 09

"I just purchased a Concord warranty today for my BMW 350e. I was astounded by how easy it was and was ver..."

Robert Elwood .
Jul 07

"This company has helped me 3 times .Very easy to deal with "

Harry W.
Jul 07

"I asked them to email me a quote i reviewed and purchased that same day. Thank You"

Lisa E.
Jul 07

"I saw a commercial on tv so i gave them a call to get a price on a c300 . They gave me a great price and..."

Marvin A.
Jul 06

"Gene was super helpful and very professional at what he does. Took his time to answer each and every ques..."

Nicole Pirrone.
Jul 06


William Seabrook .
Jul 03

"My Dad recommended Concord because they are covering way more than any other company he had in the last ..."

David N.
Jul 03

"I purchased a used Ford F150 with low miles .I thought it would be a good idea to shop around for a exten..."

Greg O.