Endurance Auto Warranty

3.70 out of 5

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30 day(s)

Avg. Plan Length

2 to 5 years

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Northbrook, IL

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About Endurance Auto Warranty

Endurance Warranty Services, LLC, is one of the biggest direct providers of car warranties in the United States, offering seamless customer support from quote to claim, saving consumers up to 50% in contract costs. Founded in 2006, the company is based in Northbrook, Illinois and has more than 300,000 in-network mechanics located across the United States.

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3.70/5    Very Good

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3.68 Customer Service
3.75 Repair Time
3.67 Quality
3.70 Overall Rating
Latasha H.


Very pushy sales rep .

Chris D.


I misplaced my warranty information so i called Endurance . They where able to re send my info so i can have it . Thank you

Manda G.


Endurance overcharged me I would not recommend them .

Laerence M.


This company is amazing !

Becky D.


Money hungry and rude people working at Endurance With a buy now or the price will go up. What a horrible experience .

Daniel p.


Endurance warranty got me a low monthly price with very little down . very affordable options

Tammy E.


I have not had a good experience with endurance .

Ramon I.


Everything went smoothly when i had to use my Endurance warranty service . I just called the 8664324443 number and i was helped right away .

Mike r.


Endurance had very helpful rep who where able to explain everything to me.

Kyle S.


i was always against getting an extended warranty for my vehicle. However after purchasing a used car from a lot i decided to shop around for one . Endurance had the best price i was able to find and went ahead and set up my warranty with them .

Andrea Y.


I was all in, I really thought they were going to be a great company to have, until my engine light came on. Took my car in, found out that the oil pan was not any good any more, it had to be replaced. Endurance said it wasn't covered! Gee I thought it was part of the engine, not only that but they wouldn't cover the cost of the light on my dash. I also needed my transmission looked at, it was slipping at times. The Ford dealer told me it needed to be overhauled, but Endurance said that they needed to send out a claims adjuster to look at it. So who knows what he will come up with. But so far I'm looking at around $3000 to fix my car, so what good was it to get repair insurance?

James T.


Bad service i am waiting 4 days to get a call back from someone at Endurance to help me start a new claim .

Kim B.


I called for a quote after seeing a commercial on tv .The price was very expensive

Mary R.


This is my second car with Endurance . I always got grate service and competitive prices from this company . Thank you

Jamal A.


The worst warranty ever!!! They drive dealerships crazy !! They try there best not to pay for your repair !!! Stay away !!!

Kim A.


I was never called or emailed by Endurance after i requested i requested information for a car warranty .

Mark h.


We are very pleased with the warranty plan we got from Endurance . My car has not had any problems yet but incase something comes up i am covered .

James o.


My Audi dealership that i normally go to would not accept Endurance . I plan on canceling out my policy because of this .



Claims dept was a real head ache made me jump through Hoops. still denied calim 6 months after purchase. I feel like I was over sold coverage.

Carl N.


My car needed a new starter and Endurance refused to pay. I have wasted my money with this company . Stay away from this warranty company .

lARRY b.


The price i got was good. I hope the warranty service from endurance is as they say it will be..

Patricia K.


Very nice people working for endurance however all of my claims have gotten denied so far . I would not buy my warranty from them again.

Judy o.


I’m a fairly new Customer to Endurance auto warranty protection . However i believe they are a good company who got me a good deal .

Chris R.


I called in to cancel when i was still in my 30 days and the guy on the phone was very rude . He made it hard for me to end my car warranty and did not let me speak .

Jason B.


extremely long wait times . I would NOT recommend Endurance .

Mark S.


Good customer service from Endurance when I needed to cancel my warranty plan because my car was totaled in a accident.

Kim V.


Endurance will find any reason to deny a claim .I tried to use my warranty 3 times and every time its the same thing from them ... Not covered . I regret to say that i should have went with a different warranty company .

Teddy D.


I own a 2014 Silverado WT with a 5.3 liter v8, 4x4 and the towing package. It has 135k miles. I started having problems with the transmission not shifting properly and the g80 locking rear differential making noise. Both are trashed. Endurance came to the rescue and are replacing both the transmission and rear axle with remanufactured units and a 3-year warranty. They are also paying the labor for installation. My only cost is the $100 deductible. THANK YOU ENDURANCE!!!

Eddie V.


Endurance got me a reasonable warranty for my ford truck at a reasonable price . i would definitely recommend .

Lisa N.


I would advise you do not buy a extended auto warranty with endurance . I was lied to and miss lead not to mention left to pay my entire repair bill. they refused to cover any of the work i had done .

Derek L.


Don't use them I bought this coverage paid every month on time but when I went to use it they refused coverage and blamed it on inaccurate info now I'm stuck with a 560 diagnostic charge. I repeat do not use!!!!

Carol P.


The most horrible warranty company i have ever delta with .

Cheryl G.


So far so good i am waiting to see what happens when I really need them.

Maria F.


I just purchased a warranty plan and Endurance was very efficient in making sure i got the right plan for my vehicle

Jerry D.


Great customer service. Endurance was a big help when my ac compressor went out .

Michael S.


On May 11, 2021, I purchased a 60 month or 100,000 mile Endurance Advantage Prime coverage contract for my Chrysler 300. There was a 30 day and 1000 mile waiting period requirement and car inspection, all which were met. On June 17, 2021, and 30 miles over 1000 mile mark, there was an issue with the third cylinder resulting in a blown engine. The cost of repair is an estimated $12,000. Having opened up a claim under my purchased policy, an inspector assessed the damage and denied it, stating it was a “pre-existing condition due to found metal shavings. However, I was informed by Chrysler technicians that when an engine blows, it blows which can result in metal shavings found in the damaged engine. It is not a pre-exiting condition. Prior to all this, my car was in great shape, even according to Endurance’s inspection. I even submitted my oil change maintenance records, showing six oil changes over the past year and a half, with the last one being in April. It appears they are simply trying to deny the claim due to cost. Endurance made me have Prestige Chrysler dismantle my engine at my cost only to deny my claim which Chrysler themselves said it should be covered. So now I have no car and it is laying there at Chrysler disassembled.

Jim L.


We purchase an extended warranty for our family's car and could not be happier with the service .Endurance provided .

Jarvis J.


Page 4 of my warranty clearly states engine mounts are covered and they denied the claim with no explanation the rep stated abuse....this is an SUV 2012 Yukon with no modifications used to take my kids to school

Bobby L.


When i called Endurance to find out if a part would be covered under my warranty . They picked up the phone right away and were able to give me a answer on the spot .Its nice not waiting on hold for someone when you call them .

Cynthia D.


Lousy customer service, rude customer service operators, constant battle to get items covered. Multiple phone calls. Go somewhere else!!

Debra V.


I had a lot of questions when i spoke with Endurance .I got all the information but still wanted to compare the warranty programs that other company's offer , And the rep had no problem with that . Thank you for not being pushy .

Nancy G.


I wish I never purchased from Endurance . I spent so much money on the top plan and still had to pay over $500 to get my car back.

Walter I.


Before purchasing a warranty for my 2018 nissan maxima i talked to my repair shop and they recommended Endurance . I trust that he recommended them because of a good experience he had . All and all i got a 4 year plan and a competitive price .I am hoping that i never need to use it . Cheers ! .

Shawni S.


If I could give zero stars, I would. Horrible service and they refuse to pay for the extended warranty repairs. My timing chain broke while I was driving my car and seized my motor. Endurance (1 month and 20 days after filling my claim) says they will pay for the timing chain that broke but not the motor replacement due to continued use. Anyone who knows what happens when a timing chain breaks knows that the vehicle will not start much less run. Therefore, their excuse as to why they are denying the replacement of the seized engine because of continued use is absurd! They are unprofessional in every area of business other than collecting my monthly premium. They will not give my the name to my adjuster, when you call in you’ll be on hold at least 1.5 hour’s before speaking with the correct department and when you request something in writing, they tell you that it is a verbal denial and they don’t have anything on paper. No estimate, prognosis, nothing. And, it’s against their policy to email or even mail anything regarding the claim. My repair facility now refuses to take any claims from endurance warranty due to the massive headache this warranty company has caused. Every prognosis I have received (other than from endurance warranty) states that the motor seized due to the timing chain failure and the engine replacement should be covered that there was no way of the vehicle had continued use. I have now retained an attorney and will be taking them to court.

Max F.


They lie to get you too buy. Pleas do not trust the salesmen .

Albert W.


My wife and i were both looking to get a warranty set up on our vehicles . After talking with a few different warranty company's we decided to choose Endurance .It looks like they have been around for a long time and we got a pretty awsome deal since we were going to get the coverage on 2 cars .

Monte F.


Be prepared to come out of your pocket The transmission goes out on my covered Lincoln MKS 2010 and they're going to put a junkyard transmission into it

Jason C.


After going back and forth i finally purchased a warranty plan with Endurance .I must say the customer service Rep that helped me was great and did a great job explaining everything.. Thank you

Darren P.


i am a customer of Endurance for 2 years . I never used my car warranty . I was thinking about trading in my car so i gave endurance a call to find out about possibly canceling my warranty . When i called i got transfer over 4 times back and forth . This was very upsetting . It was almost like i was getting the run around .

Sharon A.


i just signed up with Endurance we got a great deal they included a promotion that made my down payment extremely cheep .

Dominic H.


Excellent and quick claims experience

Raphael W.


Terrible customer service. Minimum hr wait to speak to rep. Slow service. They just pass the buck from rep to rep. .. I hate the decision to go with them

Latonya H.


Please don't waste your money. Endurance auto warranty's are not worth it.

Nicole A.


I was shopping around looking for an extended warranty company to get some coverage on a car we just purchased for my son . When we found Endurance and got a price on a 3 year warranty I felt that they were a good fit for us. The prices was cheaper than the other two companies i spoke with and the person that was helping us was very nice and explained that there is a 30 day money back guarantee .I like what they had to offer and called them back to purchase that same day .

Tina D.


i had to pay the diagnose fee that cost me over $400.00 . I was not informed of this at the time when i purchased the warranty. I am pretty disappointed with Endurance .

Tina D.


i had to pay the diagnose fee that cost me over $400.00 . I was not informed of this at the time when i purchased the warranty. I am pretty disappointed with Endurance .

Ron H.


I had to get some repairs done recently . Endurance covered most of the repairs , I thought this was bumper to bumper but i guess not .

Peter D.



Jeffrey A.


Endurance decided to use junkyard old parts to help them pay the least amount possible for my repair .The worst part is i know that this will be causing more issues down the line and could have been avoided if they just used new original parts .i am not a happy member

Edward R.


Have been paying on policy for over a year and when i finally needed an electrical repair on my Hybrid that cost 1760. they said it was not covered. Would not recommend this company to anyone.

James w.


So I had a good experiences with Endurance .The claims adjuster worked on my claim as soon as it was submitted to them .I was able to get my car repaired thru my warranty and had it back in my driveway all in the same day .

Alicia R.


I paid thousands to have my car fixed. Endurance won’t pay a dime of the bill.

Gary N.


i wish I could put no stars. We spent a lot of money on this auto warranty that wont cover the repairs that i need



I currently have my truck in the shop i had to get some work on my transmission it's been a week now hoping to get it back soon .

Dave U.


Dealing with them on the phone was pleasant. My repair shop also confirmed that they accept endurance

Linda D.


I don't know about their repair rating and service but I called twice to get a quote and each time I spoke to a woman ( I don't know if it was the same woman) but the person/s I spoke to was rude.

Jacklyn H.


Being a customer for two years Me and my family and I are very happy .

Tony V.


Thank you Endurance auto warranty for all the amazing service and great coverage

Lori C.


Friendly and efficient staff. Quick renewal process. Endurance got me the same rate to renew

Ashley C.


Do not purchase warranty from endurance They take forever to get back to you. I had opened a claim for 5 days!!!

Brian L.


My advice for anyone looking to get a car warranty with Endurance is to ask about what is not covered before signing anything

Christina H.


Everyone at Endurance has been professional and got the job completed when my car needed some repairs .

Gerald H.


We got a used truck therefore was looking to find the most affordable auto warranty i can find .Endurance Stood out the most . I got a good deal and i was able to pay it out with a plan that would go along the same time as my loan .It made alot of sense to get this set up and i am happy that i have a warranty incase i run into any problems .

Robert C.


The absolute worse customer experience I have ever had to go thru.

Ahmed r.


Endurance was recommended to me by my repair shop .I hope to never use the warranty .but if i do need work i like that i can use my repair shop who told me to get endurance warranty plan .

Sandy T.


Save your time and aggravation endurance denied my claim after waiting 3 hours for them to review the work that was needed for my truck .

mARCO p.


I purchased a auto warranty after seeing all the positive reviews online



Since I’ve had this insurance they haven’t cover absolutely nothing .. Nothing I SAY . They have completely misrepresented what they offer and will help with . Example they claim to cover the tire but the pieces needs to get fix which is apart of the tire can not get fix .. this is by far the worst maintenance insurance. I wouldn’t recommend it to no one .

Donna T.


This company sucks

Lou S.


Endurance warranty came through when needed. Their process was fast and communication was consistently good.

Sandra A.


This company denied my claim on my water pump . I feel misled .

William A.


This company is a joke. My parents are without heat during this cold front. thanks to Endurance

Nicole P.


We called Endurance on 2 separate occasions and they gave me an excuse each time as to why the repairs i needed were not covered under the car warranty we have with them . it seems like nothing is ever covered

Jake L.


Best bang for your buck. I am a SERVICE MANAGER and I see all warranties many we will not take Becasuse work was ok’d and the extended service contract co. Decides not to pay by credit card over the phone and sends check then cancels check!! This co. Is who I choose so that should tell you something and for slightly older and under 100k miles there only policy covers more then others like the A/C and starter etc. and just pay monthly until sell or get rid of the car and unlimited time and miles !! Compare and you will see what I saw and why I went with this co. !!!

Adam P.


I have been a customer for 2 years and they have paid for every single covered part like they should! Very great company

Peter G.


I got the best deal I Would definitely recommend endurance

Linda S.


Never seen such fast response regarding my issue.

Dion M.


They won't even tell you if they cover a Tesla Model X unless you give them the VIN.

Andrew K.


They charged me but I didn’t receive anything in the mail

Dennis H.


I noticed an oil leak on my driveway after taking it to the dealer and paying for the diag out of pocket they say it's not covered because seals are a excluded part .My last warranty company covered the seals . I am very disappointed with endurance

Andre P.


The reps at Endurance were great. The only thing that was annoying was the long hold before getting someone on the phone and it took a pretty long time to finalize and set up the warranty .wish there was a way to do it online .

Matt S.


I recommend you shop around before making a purchase I purchased with Endurance knowing that they have a 30 day money back guarantee. within the hour i got another reputable company to offer the same warranty coverage for about 1/2 the price and a lower deductible .I ended up canceling with endurance saving a lot of money and going with the other company

Lisa Y.


I was having a problem receiving my email confirmation on my warranty. purchase for my dodge .

Miriam D.


My experience was exceptional however the hours that they are working are not very good . you will be waiting for someone to call you back most times .

Marc e.


I think the car warranty that Endurance offers is wonderful

Shawn f.


My car was at the repair shop and it had some major problems with it .They helped me and payed the bill . Their customer service is the best . No other company compares to concords amazing warranty and customer service. I will be recommending Concord

Dwayne g.


i sold my mazda that had 2 years left on the warranty . Endurance gave me the option to transfer it onto another car .That really worked out well for me . Thank you

Tonie s.


I understand certain things are not. covered but every time i try to use it nothing is covered .I am pretty sure i will be canceling this warranty

Angela j.


Endurance kept calling and I decided to buy a warranty plan

Keshia h.


Endurance was reasonable i purchased the warranty because i like the rates and coverage.

Sherita j.


My experience has been great with Endurance auto warranty services

Christian Z.


My sales rep had excellent knowledge of the product.

Gayle F.


Never received any kind of policy....don’t know policy number or paper policy.

Kevin M.


Thank you for all the great service. Endurance will always be my first choice on a extended warranty company

Mark S.


i did a bunch of research on extended car warranty's and i came across Endurance The price was good and the man that I originally spoke with explained everything in a way i could understand . i purchased my pan with endurance and i think i got a great deal

Dora k.


Endurance saved me so much money on a repair i hade done on my transmission



Called me a liar, when I said his company is not right for me

Bill S.


When I breakdown occur, they did not send a representative out to view my vehicle as their website and policy salesman said that they would. Endurance denied all of my claims without looking at my vehicle even though the parts that broke down or clearly listed as covered in my policy. Endurance has a ton of complaints filed against them for the same thing with the BBB. Would not recommend

Julie h.


Misleading salesman . They tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy with endurance . When you are at the shop and need repairs they tell you the complete opposite thing . They will try to get out of paying any repair you submit .

Mark J.


I have been a customer with Endurance for a little over 8 months and I have had a really great experience with them

Jack E.


Endurance was amazing. They answered all my questions and gave me a great rate!

chese g.


they are simply not her to serve you at all, we just file for a claim and we got denied, just for the simply reason because of the invoice of our previous service on the car was missing a item number, no jokes, they are just here to collect money but not to serve you at all , i dont recommend any one should do business whit them.

Ash O.


The person i worked with was not pushy. He worked very hard to get me the best quote .I would recommend them over Carshield .

Micheal d.


I tried to call and cancel my warranty today. I believe there are better warranty's available out there

Paul C.


My sales representative made sure all my questions have been answered . I hope that if something goes wrong that the claim process is as good as the sale part.

Jack L.


I am a new customer and i had questions about how to use my service. The agent was very helpful in explaining everything . I also appreciate that I did not have to be on hold for a long time before i was helped.

Walter h.


Poor service. You cannot reach anyone on the phone when i call. It takes over two hours for you to reach someone on the phone. Very poor service.

Michael h.


Endurance was professional and very helpful when i needed to take my vehicle into the shop to have some work done .

Josh o.


The rep that took my call was very helpful and able to help with my payment issues .The smooth service was greatly appreciated

James M.


They rip u off . My transmission went and they would not cover it because they said a 20 dollar sensor. Caused it to go. ?????

Naomi l.


Excellent customer service!

francesco c.


Rebecca J.


Endurance customer service staff is 5 stars

Sarah i.


I was with Carshield and decided to look around and try to get a lowered monthly payment .Endurance had the best price so we canceled carshield and went with Endurance .I am saving a nice amount of $ and got the same warranty .

Phyllis S.


The employees in the Endurance are incredible and very friendly

Rueben J.


Endurance has been a head ache from day one. Their are so many better extended warranty company's to go with

Lizz t.


Endurance customer service is really good. They are the best in the business!

Melvin B.


This was a great buy. Great help ,and a great decision.

Doug Z.


Endurance had good customer service. We had no problems and my mechanic was super nice. I recommend the company

Anthony N.


My rep explained the coverage to me and had good knowledge about the product.

Jean L.


My BMW power steering went out on me and they took care of it.

Deborah S.


The people I bought my vehicle from sold me a bad car knowing all these problems and then, the warranty was sold to me to cover it up. But Endurance refuse to help me .

Jason H.


We have a older vehicle with a lot of miles that my son uses .i figured it would be a good idea to get a warranty .After some homework Endurance seamed like a good option for me. Thank you

Cynthia P.


Very quick to file a claim with the repair shop. But we had to wait 3 months for a reimbursement check to arrive .that is just way to long!

Maria V.


The service is a excellent thank you!

Aleasha H.


I was surprised to have a 100.00 deductible. The other warranty company's i spoke with were giving me a 0.00 deductible. I am a little upset

Matt S.


We had a little bit of a bumpy road with our first claim with endurance . Apparently we are supposed to keep the cars maintenance records .The Salesman failed to mention that but they came through when I needed them.

Lisa Z.


They were very helpful in helping me to decide which warranty to go with .. Endurance explained things very detailed .

Dwayne S.


I spoke with representative and he was great in helping me with my account. I am so grateful to have spoken to him today.

Bruce O.


Very helpful and professional

Taylor J.


Willie B.


Very professional customer service!

Todd M.


All my claims just went in circles I had to pay my repairs out if pocket. What a waist of money

Lisa h.


I am very pleased with the service i have received

Daniel M.


Endurance is the best warranty company I have dealt with They are fair. The policy is reasonably priced considering what they cover. I trust this company .

Rosco B.


I had always received polite and efficient service

Hall I.



Lisa f.


My alternator went out Endurance paid for a new one

Robert g.


Took my car to Chrysler. They told me they don't take

Princeton M.


worst warranty ever, my car didn't qualify after the 30 days, they want a big down payment but don't want to cover service for your car very shady company

David L.


I was getting a few quotes from a few different company's and Endurance warranty hooked me up with a zero-dollar deductible.so i got it set up on that call. Thanks for the great package !

Julio D.


Endurance was great. My purchase was simple and quick and i got my email confirmation right away

Jonathan P.


I was looking for the best deals out there and Endurance had the best one

Rick V.


My husband was the one who found out about endurance and I recently had a issue . I took it to my repair shop and the process took a little bit of time, but it was not too bad.

Ben G.


Very easy company to deal with, courteous, responsive and no surprises. Highly recommend.

Jason S.


I really see the value in the warranty that is offered thru Endurance . We Had a transmission issue shortly followed by a AC problem .They did what they said they would .Thank you

Michael R.


We went with Endurance they responded quickly and had the right answers to my questions and now we have extended warranty for the next few years!

Jacob H.


Highly recommended from my mechanic . Great coverage

Marty J.


I just purchased this warranty on 08/28/2020. I was fraudulently led to believe that the policy carrier is Endurance Warranty Services, LLC, out of Northbrook, Il. After 8 phone calls and an average wait time of 45 minutes for each call, I have yet to be able to reach a manager of which I requested each time, I even tried to reach EWS claims department but again I waited 22 minutes for a recorded message which also put me on another hold time of 47 minutes ... I then hung up because apparently these bastards don't give a flying shit about customer service !!!! I only want a REFUND of my payment !!! ANYONE reading this should check out the "Consumer Affairs" or the "BBB" sites regarding these companies.

Fred U.


Endurance is very good

Kevin G.


Great warranty very happy we took it out when we bought our car

Howard E.


I bought a warranty from this company put my car in the shop they refuse To pay for the repairs said it was because it Has a rebuilt title mentioned that when I bought the plan they took my money but refused to pay for repairs the car had been fixed right nice Cadillac CTS4 I didn’t have a problem taking my money but I got a problem paying for the

Sara N.


As a 20 year veteran of the Automotive Industry and having submitted in excess of 1000 extended warranty claims- Endurance takes the prize for the worst warranty company in the country. They have refused to pay for the replacement of a part that is clearly listed as a covered item. The claims adjuster out right lied to me about what was discussed. I escalated the claim to a supervisor and demanded they listen to our recorded conversations to prove that the claims representative was not being truthful. After reviewing the calls- the supervisor re-opened the claim and stated if I provided them with the copy of a specific maintenance receipt via email, they would authorize the claim. I immediately provided them with the requested information. I never received a call back- I called them back and after waiting on hold another 56 min to speak with a representative- I was told the claim was denied and there was no record of my call with the supervisor who supposedly re-opened the claim. If you currently have a contract with Endurance- you need to cancel it immediately. They will NEVER cover anything. Ever. Contact your trusted Automotive Service provider and they should be able to recommend a reputable warranty company. Endurance Warranty is a scam. Please search the Better Business Bureau for additional reviews

Dan K.


A warranty company that does what it says

Joy K.


Great service and no long wait on the phone.

Carol S.


Everything went great they took care of me .All i had to pay was my $100.00 deductible

Jessica M.


The agent was knowledgeable and accurate. Very pleasant and informative when going over the different options .

Angel R.


Great company highly recommended

Eddie T.


Extremely fast turn around time

Rosa Q.


we had set up a plan plan on a Toyota rav 4 we just purchased from the dealer .I found that Endurance warranty was the most reputable and affordable company .

Lee G.


If 0 was an option for rating, that’s what I would give them. They have not honored a claim that I have tried to Claim.

Nancy R.


When my ac had a issue i was able to take it to my Chevolet dealer . its what i prefer .

Roger M.


My dealership accepted and worked with endurance . pretty awesome service

Dan O.


Air conditioning had a issue and endurance was able to help!

Sam O.


I am very pleased with Endurance services .I will renew with them if i do not trade it in .The reps are always friendly

Liz H.


I was not sure how to get a claim started .I called and everything was explained to me.

Jason T.


My agent was very helpful and and easy to talk with . He seemed to know all about the warranty and service contract. I would recommend Endurance

Patricia S.


This company is a joke. The customer service, when you can reach a human, is ok. Everything else is horrible. Countless times I was put on eternal hold. My car was in the shop 2 weeks because I could never talk to the right person. I ending up having to pay 2 thousand myself to get my car. I've called complaining to always be put on hold. My mechanic tried for over 2 hours on hold. Save your money and time don't use this company

Rob T.


Happy with endurance warranty . We recently had a claim and they were a great help

Lee K.


Very happy with endurance warranty

Barbars F.


Great company with great service and competitively priced.

Wanda E.


They were very clear on going over what is not covered on the plan .

Blake G.


Just purchased with endurance the customer service rep Was informed and was really helpful..Hope i never need to use it .

Rob E.


It felt a little bit confusing at going over the numbers and monthly payments for different plans and years but it all worked out in the end .

Kelly W.


They have a good product and a great overall rating. I just love having people talk respectfully to me .

Jesse E.


very professional. i got my emails quickly after sighing up

Kim T.


I am so happy with my decision enrolling with endurance warranty .

Jack H.


Endurance was a great help . I am thankfull

Jeff O.


I just purchased my policy with endurance i was treated very professionally the rep was upfront and honest.

Jessica A.


The guy that answered the phone was very polite and professional. He answered my question I was very pleased with the service i am getting .

Art E.


I got the plan with endurance .Shortly after my Lexus had some issue .they were able to assist . thank you

Mary G.


iT Took 4 days for part to arrive at my shop . i just waited and car. Is done now .

Steve M.


I purchased this for a high mileage truck when my other warranty expired. They have refused to cover ANY repairs, claiming that they're do to "normal wear". I would avoid.

Robert L.


It was very good

Ray G.


Endurance's rep helped me out when my car broke down and did not know what to do . thanks for the help

Gilberto L.


They will do what ever they can to not pay

Trina H.


This investment has paid off.

Cedric G.


This company is a scam no dealership won’t honor this bull**** don’t use this

Larry F.


I saw a television commercial extended warranty got them and it worked out great they are fairly comprehensive.

Keith C.


It took some time before I purchased endurance warranty but I'm satisfied with it.

Eric G.


never buy a warranty from the dealership . i payed 1/2 the price by going with Endurance .

Bruce ..


Although my initial claim was denied, Endurance was courteous enough to give me a $500 discount and a $500 voucher for future services. I'm looking forward to working with them in the future if anymore problems arise. The staff was friendly and eager to help.

Sam R.


Great company .... i had the plan for over 3 years and it really was a good investment that helped upkeep my Porsche .

Chen L.


Very good service i recommend endurance

Will H.


i got the warranty set up on my Chevy so far so good . got my emails ok .hopefully i do not have to use it but just in case i am covered

Mary S.


Great customer service.

Phil B.


Saw Endurance's commercial on tv so i figured I should give them a call, and was able to set up an affordable Monthly payment plan for my Dodge Ram 1500.

David S.


I bought a used car before and I got screwed over. The motor blew up in it and I didn’t want it to happen again. I wanted to feel more protected, so I decided to purchase a warranty. Endurance was the best rated one online and I found nothing but good things about them, so I went with them.

Dara A.


Chelsea was great! Friendly and quick service.

Darryl S.


Very helpful and willing to accommodate during these trying times, thank you!

Shalondria W.


Tabitha was awesome. She handled my payment and made sure I got to Jason to finish making future payment arrangements. I am really satisfied with the service I received from both Tabitha and Jason.

Tal B.


Alvin provided excellent customer service support!

Gloria S.


want to be protected in case my car breaks down. The Endurance rep did 100% on explaining to me. Payments are very easy. I'm doing it online.

Gregory D.


To whom it may concern, ....Endurance was Very polite and helpful. I would refer Endurance to family members and friends. God bless.

Jason L.


Customers care dept is very helpful and knowledgeable

Jimmie H.


It was very to the point , your personel was very well knowledgeable about the information that was needed, she was very polite, and understanding.Thanks.

Leon ..


The Endurance sales rep was courteous. I like its price however I haven’t received the policy in the mail.

Brenda S.


We got the warranty with Endurance because of the dealer. That’s what we had when we bought the car. A young man helped me with the warranty and he was good. He was really a lot of help.

Johnel V.


Jeff is wonderful. He's patience and understanding and he work with you. That makes me feel very comfortable.

Shantae ..


Thoroughly explained the care package, very friendly and knowledgeable. Great price and coverage.

R D.


I had two claims so far and both times no hassle to get my car fixed. The dealership called Endurance and they took everything! I did have to make any phone calls!

Anthony M.


Great company

Timmy S.


great help thanks Steve

Nina M.


Excellent Company, No problems ,No complaints... Customer Service is Outstanding Thank you

Mohammad A.


Excellent Customer Service, and affordable Monthly payment plans.

Tamara R.


Gordon was the best he help out so much. Very friendly and a great help.

Danny T.


When I haD a legitimate claim, Endurance Warranty steped up to the plate and work it out. Thank you

Amit P.


It really felt like a quick easy process to sigh up I immediately received email confirmation . Great experience

Robert B.


I got the extended auto warrant set up on my Ford F-150. I was very pleased with the way they took care of everything when I had to bring in my truck to the shop for a engine light that came on. they also got me a lower deductible when I set up the warranty (thanks to a veterans Promotion ). After thinking about it I believe it already paid for itself and I have 3 more years to go.With that being said I set up another 2 plans for my other vehicles. Thanks and keep up the good work....

Hal N.


Endurance really did stepped up and helped me when my wheel baring when out .smooth claims process and friendly customer service people

Willie J.


Michael was super helpful in getting my claim quickly approved. My AC was blowing hot air on the coldest setting starting 10/10 and I was approved and repaired by 10/12! Great service and amazing customer service.

Taylor C.


Had the warranty for a short time, but has been very helpful so far, would recommend.

Joseph O.


I really appreciate this service and all the work this company did for my car .my claim is paid so i can be on my way.

John D.


Great assistance in time of need We had 2 cars that broke down at the same time. Thank goodness we had Endurance covering our 2006 Toyota 4 Runner! The Transmission went out on it. We called Endurance and they told us to take it to the nearest Toyota Dealership to have them look at it. We did and gave them our Endurance policy # and they ordered the parts and within a week we had our SUV fixed and all we had to do is pay the $100 deductible! Thanks Endurance!

Anthony ..


My wife and I were looking into purchasing an auto warranty for our car. Generally we had a lot of questions for every company. When we got on the line with Concord they were different than others. They did not rush us, they were polite and knowledgeable. We did not feel like he was pushing us into it and really explained everything. We highly recommend them due to their A+ customer service and willingness to be patient. I believe we spoke with Ralph. He helped us through it all. Thank you!

Mary F.


This company's customer service was great. Highly satisfied. Would defiantly recommend to anyone with a older vehicle

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