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  • John D.

    • Great assistance in time of need We had 2 cars that broke down at the same time. Thank goodness we had Endurance covering our 2006 Toyota 4 Runner! The Transmission went out on it. We called Enduranc... view more

    Jenna B.

    • I have my car warranty with Concord Auto Protect for about a year. I have only used them once so far to fix my Heat in my car. Everything was covered and everything went smoothly as well. Zero complai... view more

    Larry G.

    • The agent was excellent, kind, helpful, experienced!

    Steve L.

    • Excellent customer service, and affordable Monthly payment plans!
  • Maria G.

    • Great product,can not beat the value.great company web site.

    David C.

    • They answer my questions promptly. Great customer service.

    Lamont D.

    • Customer service was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was not pushy and answered our questions professionally

    Michael W.

    • For what they offer, the level of coverage, it is very competitively priced. When I purchased it, they were very helpful and very knowledgeable and there was no pressure.



We offer an inside look into car warranty companies you may be considering. will ensure an honest look into the companies you are considering. The homework is worth doing especially when it comes to your cars warranty. We aim to help consumers find a reputable company, and make the smart decision.

What is a Car Warranty

A car warranty is A contract/agreement that will offer coverage against any future malfunctions, and/or breakdowns that may occur. Terms are typically offered by time or mileage. For example 5 years or 100,000 miles. What ever comes first. There are many car warranty companies, and plans available to customers who would like to purchase A plan after the original manufacturers warranty expires. Most companies will offer several different levels of protection you can choose from. A bumper to bumper warranty is very similar to the original manufacturers warranty the car came with when it was brand new. This is typically the best plan we recommend going with. You also have the option to go with A more basic plan which covers the major components of your vehicle which include engine, transmission, electrical, cooling, and drive axles. Most plans also include 24 hour road side assistance such as towing and rental car. The companies we work with typically have pretty standard exclusions such as maintenance, and cosmetic items such as scratches, dents, tears in the interior, and oil changes are some of the exclusions that you will typically see.

Who Needs a Car Warranty

Most people start looking into an extended car warranty after the original factory warranty has expired. The OEM plan typically ends at 3 years or 36,000 miles. A car warranty would be good for any vehicle owner who doesn't already have one. Having a warranty set up for your car will give you peace and mind towards any future car repair issues you may run into. Having a warranty will cover parts and the shops hourly labor rates. Most warranties are fully transferable to another vehicle or person if you decide to sell the car you can always transfer the warranty to A new owner, or transfer it to a different vehicle. This would be great for anyone who would like to protect themselves from any future vehicle breakdowns.

Costs & Benefits

The average price for An extended auto warranty can range from $500.00 to $1,000.00 per year depending on the vehicle you are looking to cover, and the level of coverage you are looking to obtain. The more expensive a vehicle is the higher the rate will be. Vehicles with turbos including diesel engines will probably effect the pricing as well. Some of the biggest benefits of having an extended warranty plan is that if you face any repairs weather it's a small window motor going out, or you need to have an entire engine replaced, you wont need to stress over it. The company offering the protection will then step up and cover the shops repair bill. Ultimately we have seen plans save customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In some situations the car would be considered a loss with out the warranty in place. Having a plan will guarantee your vehicle will continue t o serve you for many miles to come.

Comparing & Choosing the Right Plan

The market is flooding with car warranty plans, so it is not usual to find car owners confused about which warranty product to purchase. Making a wise decision about the warranty company and plan is vital. We have been in the industry long enough to say that fraudulent companies do exist. And there have been cases where people who have purchased warranties from such companies have lost out on money... On our website we host thousands of reviews covering 10 plus car warranty companies from across the nation. The review section offers to filter and sort companies based on their ratings, premium, deductible, etc. We urge users to consider options before zeroing in on a plan.

Top Auto Warranty Companies

We have an entire section dedicated to helping you identify the top companies in the industry. The companies are evaluated on the basis of customer feedback. Higher the rating, better the company's performance. We suggest that you go through our top companies section to get a peek at a few industry leaders.

Our site hosts plenty of articles that speak of the car warranty industry from every possible angle. Thus, if you have a question that is related to car warranties and auto maintenance, we guarantee that you will find the answers here. We have put together a list of reliable and trusted companies.

We primarily feature industry leading warrant companies as well as award winning companies. We make sure that any plan offered on through our partners will be accepted at every dealership or certified mechanic nationwide.

Car Warranty of The Month

Each Month rates the top car warranty companies in the industry based on their ratings, premium, deductible, and overall customer satisfaction. Each and every single Month we will reevaluate our featured companies and present to you the best company of the Month based off of recent customer reviews.

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