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Protect My Car boasts a range of policies that cater to all manner of applicants, including those who would not normally qualify. Regardless of chosen policy, every product offered by this company comes with rental car reimbursement and 24-hour customer service. The company carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 7.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

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Customer service is non-existent. After waiting for a representative and explaining my concern, I was cold transferred and explained to the next representative, just to be transferred again. I explained again to the representative. I also was hung up on and not called back. The representatives were very short, vague, did not show empathy or compassion. I did not even receive a copy of the inspection nor told what the inspection report noted until I called 3 times and spoke to Nate. He understands customer service and is the only pleasant experience I can note about this non-warranty company.

Dean W.


Protect My Car will not honor their own warranty. I filed a claim for the transmission on my car in March 2019. After the repair I was informed that the repair had a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty. I now have another transmission problem and brought my car to the same shop for repair. I was advised by the repair shop and subsequently Protect My Car that the warranty was not valid because it only extended to the end of my previous contract. I was not informed that the warranty was only good to the end of the previous contract when I received the warranty. I just believe that Protect My Car is weaseling their way out of honoring their own warranty.

Paul T.


I submitted a claim a few days ago. The shop said that my timing chain was going and I was in need of a motor. So protect my car asked me my service records and have somebody come out and look at the car. Needless to say they denied my claim. Because on the paperwork it said that my oil was low. I checked my oil often. Granite it wasn't right at the top of the full line it was more at the bottom he could have probably used a quart of oil. But it's far from being negligent. They also said when the adjuster came out the oil was dirty and low. When I talk to mechanic he said the oil was not low it's one of the first things he checks. The problem that I have is if you're looking at these contracts they have so many ways to get out of expensive repairs. People have to remember that are there to make money not to truly help you. And my personal opinion this is what happened to me. I asked for a refund on the money that I paid for the past 6 months and they would not. I would just like to have the money back that I paid into it. Because they wouldn't cover anything anyways because they would have came up with a reason not to

Marissa K.


I went with Protect My Car because of the low rates. I wish i spent more and went with a better company .

gwen b.


They just out to get your money. They have every excuse not to fix your car. Our transmission went out they said they approved it then the come back and denied it because we never got a transmission flush. The man who was fixing our car said if there is nothing wrong with your transmission why would you get a flush. That's when thing start happening when touch something that don't need fixing at that time. now this is the man at the transmission shop. They still would not fix it. my Friday tried to get something fix but the denied them because their oil changes didn't line up to them. the wanted every oil change place you use and if you used someone they don't know about, but the oil change place been in business for years they don't care. scam don't do it. you will be pissed you are spending 100's with them every month then something happens and they don't want to fix it. no stars for us.

Rebecca T.


After waiting over a hour to talk to someone on the phone they hung up on me . I expected better service when i purchased with protect my car . I do not plan on renewing my auto warranty with them

Latisha T.


It is annoying how many times you guys call me .I will buy when i am ready.

Walter p.


So far so good. Protect my car got me a fair price .I hope i never need to use the warranty . If i do i will post another review on how things went. Thank you

Rachel h.


My call was handled well. protect my car handled my complaint and made things right .

Kathryn H.


Not recommend at all!

Tom v.


Really a terrible company to deal with, I regret signing up with Protect my car .I regret going with this warranty company. At the time i was shopping around a salesman from another company warned me about this company . If i only listened

William H.


Signing up with PMC was easy .I also received discounts when i purchased the warranty .

Mason V.


I was satisfied with the warranty package me and the man from protect my car .set up. He made sure to include a few discounts for me that got my monthly premium on the warranty to be affordable . Thank you!

Justin O.


This is the worst company to deal with. I tried to reach someone at protect my car because i had some questions on my warranty coverage ..It felt like they were to busy to help me . i will not be renewing .

robert r.


my truck has been through 2 motor changes in the last 6 months the 1st motor took 2 weeks to get donethey installed a refurbished motor from some company, it lasted 4 months with minimal driving less the 6000 miles I take it back to Ford and they tell pmc it's the motor it took another onto to go through all the procedures between pmc theotor company and Ford. the 1st motor cost me over 3800 to get installed and the 2nd Coste another 1800 even though it's warranted. Now ots back in the shop for the same problem again now they want Ford to run all types of pressure test so someone from the motor company can come out and see if it's the motor, now tale it in mind I don't have another vehicle to drive while all the testing and waiting on people decide what they are going to do about this bad 2nd motor so now I have to pay for a uber to get back and forth to work

Thomas V.


Do not use this scam company .They always give you the run around and they do not cover anything.



Although they could not immediately locate a repair shop to do the work, They answer the phone when you call in



We found out that Protect my car warranty had the lowest monthly payments The price is right and it's easy to make my payments.

Dave V.


I am a customer with protect my car for over a year now .From my experience the agents answering the phones are very rude and don't know much about the warranty . I am very disappointed .

Darrel T.


When i needed my truck repaired. Everything went smooth with no hassles or problem.. Thank you protect my car

Ivan F.


I am waiting for a call back for 2 days now . You think they will call you back when they tell you someone will call you back .

Dominique H.


I am satisfied with the warranty I purchased from Protect my car

Shannon R.


i had a tuff time getting someone on the phone to help me when my car broke down



PROTECT MY CAR is great. I got my protection in April and i just ran into a problem on my car October 19 and they said that they would be covering the claim .Very easy process .Thank you PMC

Ezra K.


I hope no one else purchases with protect my car. The warranty they sold me is trash and they wont cover any repairs you might need . This contract has all these loop holes they use to get out of being responsible for paying the repair

Carlette J.


Ricardo g.


I got quick and great customer service thru my plan with Protect my car .

Dominique h.


PMC helped me out so much.

Lewis S.


My auto repair facility did a good job on my repairs and was able to get it paid for thru Protect my cars warranty plan

Gary T.


By far the worst warranty company I've ever had to deal with.

Rob A.


Great value for the price . I hope they handle claims in my favor . Will review if i need to use them .

Keith J.


They never answer the phone in a timely manner. And have always been a tuff experience .

Sharon H.


I needed a warranty for the vehicle and protect my car was the only one that help me get a plan .

Howard V.


Protect my car was the closest that I could get to a factory warranty. The signup went good and i was happy with the rep I worked with.

Sharon D.


Everything was smooth

Memory B.


I have 2 old cars. I have been with several extended warranty companies, a couple who really screwed me. Vanguard was the worst. They find any excuse to not pay. But my recommendation is "Protect My Car". They always dependable. Service manager at Toyota dealer said he was so surprised that they paid more than other extended warranty companies. Thank you Protect My Car

Mike O.


Very quick getting me a price quote over the phone total 5 minutes spent on the phone

Michelle T.


this company is very misleading

Paul W.


Covered everything on my AC repair Great service

Tim S.


Love using PMC

Cheryl G.


I brought the car to my local Mercedes dealership to get my maintenance done . The shop had found that i had a bad control arm . My warranty came to the rescue . Thanks protect my car!

Kenny G.


The warranty is good.... No hassle at the dealership.

Lee H.


This is worth every dollar

Rosa K.


Didn't have to wait a long time to get the coverage and the price was right .

Charles t.


Fast and excellent customer service

Jack W.



Ruben f.


I had a great experience with protect my car . they saved me a lot of money when you look at the big picture

Jasmine P.


My Mercedes went to the shop not long ago and protect my car DIDNT hardly pay for any of the repairs needed I was very disappointed

Carlos G.


I have Protect my car on my Lincoln MKX.We are super satisfied with the warranty and the shops that adept it

David O.


All and all pleased with my warranty i will be getting a 2nd car set up with PMC soon .I am looking at a good deal on the 2nd car .

Janice F.


Every Rep I have spoken to from Protect my car has been so polite and helpful. Thank you

Jack H.


Very knowledgeable and well spoken customer service rep

Fran U.


The rep i spoke with was very professional and courteous, excellent service

Ema O.


The policy was explained well and in detail .I was also told that I could get work done with the repair shop of my choice . pretty sweet!

Tim W.


My experience is good so far . when i called they answer my question and helped me set up my coverage.

Eve A.


Very good experience. All i did was buy the plan wait the 30 days and went to get my transmission fixed . If i didnt have the warranty on my nissan i would probably end up selling my car . i just cant imagine affording to pay for the repairs .

Bruce N.


I shopped around and felt that protect my car was the only company with a low price i able to fit into my budget . Found some good discounts online also

Marty A.


This company had the lowest monthly payment That helped me afford it with my fixed income .

Nate O.


They helped me every step of the way. They were kind and helpful .

Matt S.


My AC broke down on a hot summer day .They got it fixed with no questions asked. I am a happy customer !

Kenneth Y.


Protect my car Auto Warranty was very easy to deal with.

Patrick N.


my rep was respectful and they knew about the product they were selling or servicing.

Larry D.


Protect my car got me the lowest Monthly payment plan on my Lincoln so I went with them

Steve L.


Excellent customer service, and affordable Monthly payment plans!

Alfred P.


The customer service representative . has been amazing help in resolving my issues that have been very complicated. I appreciate that very much

Anne J.


Protect my car has been great I have a warranties on 3 of my vehicles. I strongly recommend this company

Rebecca E.


Customer Service was great and very professional.

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