3.86 out of 5

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30 day(s)

Avg. Plan Length

2 to 5 years

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Sherman Oaks, CA

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About Toco

Toco Warranty Corporation offers simple and affordable auto warranty coverages that are backed by the financial strength of their parent company, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. The company boasts a streamlined claims process and offers affordable monthly payments, a nationwide network of repair facilities, and no down payment requirements.

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3.86/5    Very Good

Based on 32 Reviews

3.86 Customer Service
4.00 Repair Time
3.72 Quality
3.86 Overall Rating
Felicia Y.


Hard to get calls returned after you sign up. Found out policy wasn't what I was quoted and coverage is far less then was paying for. Very vague on coverage until you need them then find out the money paid for 7+ months was a rip off because they don't cover it. Example they will pay for a sensor that tells you your tires need rotated but won't pay for a sensor that keeps car from starting. That is messed up. They won't pay for a motor mount that collapsed but will pay for a turn signal sensor. Again messed up. Stay far away

Steven I.


toco got us a warranty on a older car we have . The other company we called told us they could not cover it because of the old age of my car .thank you Toco

Carl w.


Very difficult to get ahold of or answers from Toco. When i finally did they informed me that my claim was denied .This auto warranty company sucks

Brian H.


Buyer Beware! It was very hard for me to get my Toco warranty to cover the repairs that were needed

Fred S.


This company has called me five times today trying to get me to buy .

Donald N.


Please read the fine print and reviews . You will find a lot of negative reviews online . i wish i did more homework on Toco before giving them my money .I feel like this warranty company is a waste of money.

Tim M.


Toco is the best! We got quotes from multiple companies on this list, and Toco was the only one that didn't pressure us to buy. There was no haggling, no down payment, and they are the only ones not hassling us with a million phone calls.

Sharon S.


The very first time I called to use it was not in good experience. The rep that took my call was abrupt and told me to look at my exclusions .

Darrell B.


I didn't even want to give 1 star this company sucks

Lee D.


I believe the price was fair for the coverage received in comparison to other warranty providers .

Paul E.


Just signed up. I will post a follow up review once i use the warranty

Peggy J.


I recently signed up for protective services with concord and 10 days into my plan i got into a bad accident leaving my car totaled .Concord was so hopefully they gave me a full refund!!! I really appreciate how easy it was and i plan on returning as soon as we get a new car .

Larry M.


We had got a plan with toco because we felt they offered the most coverage at the cheapest price per month .

Jack V.


The reaps are always super friendly and willing to help when i call with questions . i hope i never need to use it . just in case i do feel like i have a good plan

Kevin D.


I feel lucky to have had this warranty coverage when my car broke down on me .

Shaun K.


It's definitely worth it, I purchased a used car about a mount ago. I would be in a pickle without this warranty plan.

Sandra .


The rep i got was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was going to cancel it but after thinking it over i am going to keep it.

Jahmal W.


Its a good warranty

Nancy B.


I love Toco car warranty . They are really nice. The agents was really understanding when I called other company they were not as nice and polite as toco

Wayne E.


Rental car was included for me when i had to get my air conditioner worked on

Don U.


The rep was really helpful . Any question he was quick with a response . I hope the service is just as good

Ross W.


We feel safer already. Thank you!

Shawn L.


I Got a 5 year 100k warranty for my 2011 ram 1500 and paid $3,350.00 did i over pay??

Sam U.


I had to take my car in for service . the mechanic found a bad bushing and toco was able to help with that . All i had to pay was a deductible

Jill O.


I set up a plan for my BMW with toco very pleasant and helpful reps . Thanks for the great prices .

Jack Q.


When i had a engine issue on my toyota highlander and had to use my plan Toco was fast reliable .

James K.


I was very pleased to have Toco covering my vehicle. i plan to renew

Gorge L.


Happy with the service i just renewed for another 3 years

Michael W.


For what they offer, the level of coverage, it is very competitively priced. When I purchased it, they were very helpful and very knowledgeable and there was no pressure.

Sarah V.


Awesome company haven't had any run ends with them. They are always able to help me with payment arrangements when I need them.

Marilyn K.


I had a great experience with each person I talked to regarding my claim. They were very helpful, positive, & answered all of my questions to my satisfaction.

John L.


As far as speaking Stuart Sharp, He is very kind and courteous. He set me up with the right package and looking forward to using the benefits that come along with it.

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