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About Complete Car Warranty

Complete Car Warranty was established in 2019 to offer drivers nationwide access to comprehensive vehicle service plans that were affordable. Since then, we have helped thousands of drivers save millions of dollars on unexpected vehicle repairs that they would have otherwise had to pay for out-of-pocket. One of the reasons why we’ve been so successful over the years is because of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to helping you find the right coverage for your vehicle, no matter what the year, make, or model might be. We also cover both foreign and domestic vehicles under all of our service plans, which are accepted at all certified repair facilities nationwide.

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4.24/5    Very Good

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4.29 Customer Service
4.13 Repair Time
4.31 Quality
4.24 Overall Rating
Rodney K.


After purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz from a dealership i began shopping for a reliable warranty company to cover my car .Complete car warranty stood out from the rest . Seems like they have good reviews and happy customers .After i did my home work i got a plan set up with Complete .I will post a follow up review after i have had a chance to use the warranty but the price seemed fair and so far everything is going good.

Jim E.


Good customer service .

Austin N.


When my AC went out last summer Complete car warranty was very helpful in assisting me with my first claim.

Julia O.


I had a few questions about my warranty and was able to get them all answered in one phone call .

Ray N.


They are a good company that helped me out a lot.. They backed there warranty plus we can use it on road trip if anything brakes .

Carl O.


Was very courteous and helpful when i called in to get a free quote.

Ronald T.


C C W has been great to me. Customer service is always good and the service is comprehensive They recently paid to have my AC repaired .

Dwayne T.


Very helpful & friendly

Jennifer A.


The experience was stress free. Thanks so much!

Antwan H.


I have used the warranty on one occasions and it was hassle free

Lynn G.


I got fair price .However when the time came to use it i had a hard time with my ac issue getting covered

Wade B.


I Had to call back because i did not get my email confirmation .The guy on the phone stayed on the phone with me till i received it .

James C.


My credit card was going to expire and i got a call from a very helpful gentleman .Thank you for help and not letting my warranty be past due

Jamie L.


Zero deductible ! pretty sweet deal

John L.


I called in to see how much it would cost to get a warranty on my Honda Civic and was surprised on how affordable it was . i got a 3 year 36000 mile warranty at a great price

Robert A.


We had a Ac issue on my nissan pathfinder . Happy to be covered thru the warranty plan . great service!!!

Charlotte T.


I got great discounts on my monthly payments. I have been pleased with GWC warranty for my mazda 3

John H.


I never felt pressured to purchase the contract.They gave me the best deal out of 5 company's

Rick M.


A very nice company and good customer service.

Jason R.


Long time customer satisfied with the service .

Magnus K.


I am A person who is very distrusting of warranty companies especially automobile extended warranty. But I was wrong. GWC Warranty, after 4yrs, didn't hesitate to honor my service claims. The auto-repair shop also have a great experience dealing with GWC. I will definitely use GWC on my next vehicle purchase or seek them out if the seller doesn't offer them as an option.

Brian S.


I have used GWC twice and both times it has been an easy process. Their claims process is painless and response time is quick to get a claim reviewed and approved. My mechanic said GWC is the only warranty company he will work with.

Christina F.


Having this extended warranty puts car owners' mind at ease. There was no hassle in claiming a repair. I brought my vehicle to the shop, my Service Advisor checked what was the problem, he called GWC and thankfully the repairs needed were under the warranty. It was as easy as 1-2-3. Thank you very much!

George G.


I have had to use my GWC warranty on my 2013 F150, twice in the last two weeks. They were amazing! I called before my dealer did and both times the GWC rep was great helping me out! My dealer told me they are best warranty company to work with! Thanks!

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